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The Union of Independent Israeli Congregations

A body of Israeli pastors and leaders who have joined together in the unity of the Spirit, to pursue the edification of one another and the church, to engage in mutually-beneficial dialogue and debate, and to build each other up through an exchange of experience and expertise.

The union's ministerial purpose is geared towards aiding pastors and leaders in their individual ministries and callings, to strengthen and inspire them and their families, to provide them with opportunities to collaborate in a variety of impacting social projects, as well as to nurture existing churches and to plant new ones.

Our Partners

Focus Areas of the UIIC:


Regular seminars and training courses are also conducted for pastors and church leaders, focussing on the most prevalent and important topics facing church leadership these days. The UIIC was established to help elevate pastors to the next level of their ministerial callings, to minister to and edify local Israeli congregations, to birth new congregations, and ultimately to build up the Body of Christ in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and of the five-fold ministry.

International Collaboration

Our international network of partners plays a vital role in raising worldwide awareness and support for the move of God in Israel, as well as in dispelling misconceptions and fake news being generated on the topic of Israel. Our network consists of people with a heart for Israel who desire to see God’s Kingdom established in Israel and for the prophetic fulfillment of Romans 11:26-27: “And so all Israel will be saved.” The UIIC provides a strategic platform for Christians from all over the world to exchange ideas, to identify areas for collaboration that could strengthen the move of God in Israel, and to establish creative and innovative Kingdom initiatives that would positively impact on every aspect of Israeli society.


The UIIC conducts quarterly conferences throughout all of Israel, in which pastors and ministers are equipped for the work of ministry, receive practical and pastoral coaching from the UIIC’s team of experienced and gifted pastors, along with special guest speakers who share their experience and knowledge with the attendees.

Humanitarian Aid:

The UIIC is committed to impacting and transformational humanitarian projects in Israel, aimed at restoring dignity and uplifting the lives of impoverished and destitute Israelis. Through our ongoing humanitarian initiatives we provide nutritious food baskets, good-quality clothing, medicine, and many more humanitarian resources to Holocaust Survivors, single mothers, new immigrants, the sick, and the lost, igniting hope and pouring out the love of God in a practical an relatable manner.

"I Will Bless Those Who Bless You..."

 – Genesis 12:3

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