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Humanitarian Support for Victims of recent Israel-Gaza War.

In September 2021, right before the onset of the Biblical holiday of Rosh Hashanah (Israeli New Year), the UIIC organized a humanitarian project, in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of the city of Ashkelon, to alleviate the dire circumstances that many families suddenly found themselves in during the aftermath of the Israel-Gaza war.

We invited 30 affected families, whose houses and apartments were seriously damaged by rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, to our humanitarian event. Many of those who had come to the event had also been seriously injured during the rocket fire from Gaza. We provided every family with humanitarian care packages to help them get back on their feet.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government rarely acts in covering the financial costs of restoring damaged homes and properties, even though many of the affected live below the poverty line. As believers we are glad to not only be able to share our faith and pray for these dear ones, but to also provide them with financial assistance to buy supplies and provisions for their daily needs at home.

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